Arkham's Personal Collection is a collection comprised of items from inmates and visitors to Arkham Island. These items can only be obtained by players with the Home Turf episode from collection nodes found around Arkham Island.


"Doctor Jeremiah Arkham's methods are... uncoventional. He believes this personal collection of articles from inmates, employees, and visitors gives him insight into their psyche. Someone might find this disturbing collection rather valuable."

1: Killer Croc’s Tooth Icon Misc 007 Green
2: Penguin’s Monocle Icon Misc 007 Green
3: Clayface’s Modeling Clay Icon Misc 007 Green
4: Victor Zsasz’s Shirt Icon Misc 007 Green
5: Scarecrow’s Hat Icon Misc 007 Green
6: Two-Face’s Face Cream Icon Misc 007 Green
7: The Mad Hattler’s Bowtie Icon Misc 007 Green
8: Aaron Cash’s Wristwatch Icon Misc 007 Green
9: The Ventriloquist’s Wood Polish Icon Misc 007 Green
10: Batman’s Grapple Hook Icon Misc 007 Green


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal. Heroes:

Mail icon From: The Question Subject: Tokens of Affliction
"On its face, this collection of mementos may seem meaningless, but they actually answer a lot of questions about what is going on behind the doors of Arkham Asylum."
Attachment: Base Amenity: R&D Station


Mail icon From: The Riddler Subject: Curious Curios
"These little mementos tell an interesting story about Arkham Asylum and those who frequent its hallways."
Attachment: Base Amenity: R&D Station


BI Base Amenity R&D Station

This collection rewards the player with the Base Amenity: R&D Station item.



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