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Atlanten Artifacts is a Collection comprised of five artifacts from Atlantis. These artifacts can be obtained from Collection Nodes found in the Little Bohemia district of Metropolis during the Tides of War event.


"The sunken continent of Atlantis has a rich and storied history, but most human records of it are spotty at best. These remnants of this underwater civilization are worthy of a museum."

1: Vestige of Trintonis MiscItem1
2: Obsidian Age Ornament MiscItem1
3: Poseidonis Waystone MiscItem1
4: Atlantean Zodiac Coin MiscItem1
5: Atlantean Royal Seal MiscItem1


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


From: The Question Subject: Atlantean Artifacts
"Finding these Atlantean artifacts will surely be of interest to Aquaman. Great work tracking these antiquities…after they’ve been thoroughly studied, we’ll send them to a museum for public display."
Attachment: Atlantean Rebreather


From: The Riddler Subject: Atlantean Artifacts
"I'm positive that your ally Ocean Master would be interested in this lot. And if he would, so would Aquaman... so it's a good thing you found these... I'll take these trifles off your hands."
Attachment: Atlantean Rebreather


100px FaceAtlanteanRebreather

This collection rewards the player with the Atlantean Rebreather item.



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