Ballroom Crash is a collection comprised of six remains of Harley Quinn's heist in the East End Regal Hotel. These can be obtained from collection nodes found in the Harley's Heist operation of Episode 24.



"Harley and her gang left a trail of destruction; here are some of the items left behind during their latest heist."

1: Finely Polished Lieutenant Badge Icon Police Badge Green
2: Coffee-Stained Case Files Icon Police Badge Green
3: G.C.P.D Engraved Flip Lighter Icon Police Badge Green
4: Gold Chained Monocle Icon Police Badge Green
5: Worn Nickel-Plated Flask Icon Police Badge Green
6: Monogramed Hankerchief Icon Police Badge Green


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Oracle or Calculator, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Oracle Subject: Evidence
"Nice work finding those items from Harley's latest scheme. But I think the GCPD needs them for their investigation. We'll send them over after full analysis."
Attachment: Whip Belt


Mail icon From: Calculator Subject: A Nice Heist
"So Harley let you in on their heist at the Regal Hotel? Nice. I bet that was fun for everyone. Except, you know, the targets."
Attachment: Whip Belt


Icon Waist 005 Blue

This collection rewards the player with the Whip Belt waist style item.