Centennial is a collection comprised of seven rubbings from memorial plaques that memorialise some of Metropolis' more notable and tragic events. Rubbings can be obtained from collection nodes found in the Midtown district of Metropolis and within Centennial Park.


"The greatest heroes and sacrifices are memorialized throughout the city. Learning more about these monuments and the incidents they immortalize could help in understanding the community of Metropolis."

1: Superman Statue Plaque Rubbing MiscItem29
2: Booster Gold Memorial Plaque Rubbing MiscItem29
3: Superboy Statue Plaque Rubbing MiscItem29
4: Battle of Metropolis Memorial Plaque Rubbing MiscItem29
5: The Vanishing Plaque Rubbing MiscItem29
6: Rain of the Supermen Plaque Rubbing MiscItem29
7: Martian Invasion Memorial Plaque Rubbing MiscItem29


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: The Question Subject: The Man of Bronze
"Most fallen heroes don’t have 25-foot statues in Centennial Park. Some of us will always remain faceless. But I suppose that isn’t why we do what we do. Thanks for collecting these rubbings."
Attachment: Clockwork Diver's Helmet


Mail icon From: The Riddler Subject: Cross Word Puzzle
"These memorial plaque rubbings you've collected appear to be little more than trite babblings. However, if I arrange them like so and apply a simple algorithm... Ah, yes. I get it. I'd explain to you, but it wouldn't help."
Attachment: Clockwork Diver's Helmet


Head5 3

This collection rewards the player with the Clockwork Diver's Helmet head item (style: Steampunk).



  • The plaques memorialise various events that have occurred previous in the DC Universe.
    • The Superman Statue was erected as a memorial for Superman following his death while stopping Doomsday.
    • The Booster Gold Memorial was created to memorialise Booster Gold following his apparent death while containing the explosion of a nuclear submarine within Metropolis.
    • The Superboy Statue was erected as a memorial for Superboy following his death while destroying Alexander Luthor's Multiversal Tuning Fork; saving the Multiverse in the process.
    • The Battle of Metropolis Memorial was created to memorialise the final, colossal battle between Earth's heroes and villains in Metropolis at the end of the Infinite Crisis.
    • The Vanishing Plaque was created to memorialise an incident where a million people mysteriously disappeared from the planet.
    • The Rain of the Supermen Plaque was created to memorialise an incident where numerous super-powered individuals abruptly lost their powers during New Years Eve and fell from the sky to their deaths.
    • The Martian Invasion Plaque was created to memorialise an attempted invasion of Earth by the White Martians of Mars.

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