Kryptonite Isotopes is a collection comprised of eight isotopes of various specimens of Kryptonite. These isotopes can be obtained from collection nodes found in the Downtown district and the Historic District of Metropolis.


"Kryptonite has a devastating effect on all Kryptonians, including Superman. During the Brainiac invasion, several samples were separated from their owners, either destroyed or lost. Locate and secure any remaining fragments to ensure victory for your side."

1: Green Kryptonite MiscItem23
2: Red Kryptonite MiscItem23
3: Gold Kryptonite MiscItem23
4: Blue Kryptonite MiscItem23
5: Black Kryptonite MiscItem23
6: White Kryptonite MiscItem23
7: Orange Kryptonite MiscItem23
8: Phantom Zone Kryptonite MiscItem23


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or the Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon


Mail icon From: The Question Subject:
Attachment: Krypton-Vine Leggings

Mail icon


Mail icon From: Riddler Subject:
Attachment: Krypton-Vine Leggings



This collection rewards the player with the Krypton-Vine Leggings legs style item.



  • The effects of these various specimen are as follows:
    • Black Kryptonite: Can divide a Kryptonian into two people, with one exhibiting their "dark" personality traits.
    • Blue Kryptonite: Can affect Bizarros much like Green Kryptonite can affect Kryptonians. Can also cause Bizarros to speak clearly, think rationally and be exceedingly polite.
    • Gold Kryptonite: Can alter a Kryptonian's physiology, destroying the ability of Kryptonian cells to process solar energy and robbing them of their super-abilities for fifteen seconds.
    • Green Kryptonite: Toxic to Kryptonians. Can be used to counter the effects of any other form of Kryptonite that may enter a Kryptonian's system.
    • Orange Kryptonite: Can bestow kryptonian powers onto animals for twenty-four hours.
    • Phantom Zone Kryptonite: Also known as Jewel Kryptonite. Can amplify the psychic powers of Phantom Zone residents, allowing them to project illusions into the "real world" or perform mind control. It was made from what was left of a mountain range on Krypton called the Jewel Mountains.
    • Red Kryptonite: Brings out the rebellious and immoral personality of Kryptonians and rids them of their inhibitions.
    • White Kryptonite: Toxic to plant life.

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