List of Not-So-Naughty Deeds is a collection comprised of twelve good deeds done by Supervillians. These items can be obtained as drop from game instances during the Winter Holidays Seasonal Event.



"Santa's list of Supervillains performing good deeds"

1: Captain Cold's Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck Icon Sheet 002 Purple
2: Mirror Master's Solar Energy Farm Icon Sheet 002 Purple
3: Heat Wave's Wildfire Awareness Lectures Icon Sheet 002 Blue
4: Weather Wizard's Drought Relief Efforts Icon Sheet 002 Blue
5: Trickster's Supervillain Weapon Disposal Icon Sheet 002 Blue
6: Captain Boomerang's Tasmanian Devil Conservation Fund Icon Sheet 002 Green
7: Catwoman's Women's Shelter Volunteerism Icon Sheet 002 Green
8: Poison Ivy's Farm Fresh Food Drive Icon Sheet 002 Green
9: Harley Quinn's Animal Rights Activism Icon Sheet 002 White
10: Bronze Tiger's Free Community Martial Art Classes Icon Sheet 002 White
11: Riddler's Charity Trivia Night Icon Sheet 002 White
12: Catman's Animal Rescue Sanctuary Icon Sheet 002 White


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from an Batman or Captain Cold, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Batman Subject: They're Not Heroes
"If it were up to me, they would all stay locked up. A few good deeds won't make up for a life of crime. I'll give them a pass for now... In the spirit of the season."
Attachment: Case of Marks [Victory x 5]


Mail icon From: Captain Cold Subject: Mind Your Business
"I don't know about the rest of these bozos, but the Rogues have honor and a rep to uphold. If you tell anyone, even Ol' Saint Nick himself, what we're doin'... we'll find you!"
Attachment: Case of Marks [Victory x 5]



This collection rewards the player with a Case of Marks [Victory x 5].