This page is about the collection set, for the location of the same name see: University of Metropolis


Metropolis University is a collection comprised of four student-related articles from the University of Metropolis. These articles can be obtained from collection nodes found on the University of Metropolis Campus in Metropolis.

It is one of two Collections that comprise the Alma Alumni meta collection.


"Metropolis University is located in the heart of Little Bohemia, a hub of technology and art. Met U has a reputation as a 'party school'... but perhaps there's something darker to this celebration..."

1: Metropolis Eagles Jersey MiscItem36
2: Metropolis U Yearbook MiscItem36
3: Eagle's Nest Student Union Pass MiscItem36
4: Met U Varsity Jacket MiscItem36


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or the Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: The Question Subject: Trouble on Campus
"There have been some strange happenings on campus lately. These seemingly innocent mementos you've collected might shed some light onto what's going on. Thanks for sending them my way."
Attachment: Relic Shoulderguards


Mail icon From: Riddler Subject:
Attachment: Relic Shoulderguards



This collection rewards the player with the Relic Shoulderguards item.



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