Spiritual Wedding Vow is a collection unique to the 2011 Valentine's Day Event. The set is comprised of four items, all of which can be obtained from Collection nodes found in the instanced map Aphrodite's Realm. It is also one of four Collections that comprise the Wedding Vows metacollection, also unique to the event.

Collectibles Edit

"Renewing vows allows free reign to the Devotion or Scorn in the human heart. Which emotion will triumph? Gather the entire vow and reap the rewards."

Metacollection Edit

"Spiritual Wedding Vow", along with the other three Valentine's Day Event Collections, comprises the event metacollection "Wedding Vows".

On completion Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Carol Ferris, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail message Edit

Mail icon From: Carol Ferris Subject: Vows of the Spirit
"Talk about going in lock, stock, and barrel... those spiritual wedding vows were pretty intense. Though I can definitely understand wanting to protect the one you love. That's why I took my own vow, and put on this power ring."
Attachment: Emblem of Scorn

Originally this mail came from Aphrodite under the subject Heart and Soul and with a different text.


Icon Emblem 003 Blue

This collection rewards the player with the Emblem of Scorn item.