The Hall of Doom is a collection comprised of eight pieces of technology used in the Hall of Doom. These pieces can be obtained from collection nodes found in the Hall of Doom.


"The Hall of Doom is the seat of power for the world's most powerful leaders and entrepreneurs. Its inner workings are highly developed and complex. It could be profitable to hold onto any items you may find here."

1: "Pit Fighter" Combat Bracer MiscItem20
2: C & C Comms Keycode MiscItem20
3: Biosphere Gene Scanner MiscItem20
4: Inner Sanctum Access Pass MiscItem20
5: Weapons Lab Protection Field MiscItem20
6: Dungeon Biometric Wristband MiscItem20
7: Armory Ultra - Security Key MiscItem20
8: Teleportation Tubes Beacon MiscItem20


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: The Riddler Subject: Insider Trading
"The information extracted from this assortment of items you've collected from the Hall of Doom will likely fetch a king's ransom. However, the more intriguing secrets they revealed are priceless."
Attachment: Prince Ulgo's Massive Helm


Head21 3

This collection rewards the player with the Prince Ulgo's Massive Helm head style item (style: Prince Ulgo).



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