Volcanic Upheaval is a collection comprised of six soil compounds erupted from the volcano on Gorilla Island. These compounds can be obtained from collection nodes found on Gorilla Island.


"The volcanic wasteland surrounding the crashed alien ship is a treasure trove of deep-earth mineral compounds. Snag some while you're in the neighborhood."

1: Basalt Compounds Icon Sharpened Stone Green
2: Komatite Compounds Icon Sharpened Stone Green
3: Diorite Compounds Icon Sharpened Stone Green
4: Adesite Compounds Icon Sharpened Stone Green
5: Rhyolite Compounds Icon Sharpened Stone Green
6: Pegmatite Compounds Icon Sharpened Stone Green


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal. Heroes:

Mail icon From: The Question Subject: Thar She Blows
"While it may be hard to see the conspiracy behind the rock compounds you’ve collected, consider this: would I ask you to collect mere rock compounds if they were just rocks? Think about it."
Attachment: Gorilla Soldier's Shoulderpads

Mail icon From: The Riddler Subject: Blowing the Top
"Oh good, rocks. You've collected rocks for me. How the heck am I... Oh, sorry. Sivana was just looking over my shoulder as I was typing that and now we_re talking prices. Nice work, associate."
Attachment: Gorilla Soldier's Shoulderpads


Icon Shoulders 009 Blue ShouldersGorillaSoldier

This collection rewards the player with the Gorilla Soldier's Shoulderpads item.



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