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Combat Rating (abbreviated CR) is a statistic possessed by player characters representing the overall power of their equipment. Combat rating is calculated by averaging the item levels of all of a player's equipped items. 

Equipment Mods only affect PvE item level. While they can increase the stats of PvP gear, they have no effect on PvP item level or PvP combat rating.

Equation Edit

Combat Rating is equal to 115% of your gear's weighted item level.

  • Back: 8%
  • Chest: 12%
  • Face: 6%
  • Feet: 7%
  • Hands: 7%
  • Helmet: 11%
  • Legs: 12%
  • Neck: 6%
  • Ring (2): 6% each
  • Shoulders: 9%
  • Trinket: 6%
  • Waist: 7%
  • Weapon: 12%


  • As of game update 47, armor mods no longer contribute to Combat Rating and is equal to your gear's item level.

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