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Conduit of the Soul

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Conduit of the Soul

Level 5 Hero Mission

Zone [[Metropolis]]
Region [[Chinatown]]
Mission Start Lightkeeper Taleb
Mission End Lightkeeper Taleb

Conduit of the Soul is a mission offered to heroes by Lightkeeper Taleb, in the Chinatown district of Metropolis. It is a side mission of the "'Til Death do Us Part" story arc, and its completion is a requirement of the feat Phoenix Initiate.

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Background Edit

The victims of Felix Faust and his Magents walk the streets as Thralls, soulless beings under Faust's complete control. The captured souls are kept in soul globes, which must be summoned and subsequently destroyed if the lost souls are to be freed.

Summary Edit

Soul Well & Globe
Inactive and Active Soul Well

"Use Soul Wells to summon the Soul Globes and destroy them."

Objectives Edit

  • Use Magent Soul Wells to summon Soul Globes (0/10)
  • Destroy summoned Soul Globes to release the trapped souls (0/10)
  • Return to Lightkeeper Taleb

Rewards Edit

Feats Edit

Conduit of the Soul is one of six side missions belonging to the "'Til Death do Us Part" story arc. All six must be completed before a character is awarded the feat Phoenix Initiate.

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