Playstation Controls Edit


A player running.


A player blocking attacks.


A player using Breakout.

DC Universe has a very simple control scheme, which is understandable for a Console/PC MMO. On the PS3 Controller, the game uses a typical setup

  • Left analog stick moves the character (L3 activates a special movement power like superspeed or flight)
  • Right analog controls the camera
  • Face buttons jump, grab, and launch attacks and combos
  • Shoulder buttons activate targeting and action modifiers.

Players can alternate their targeting options between enemies and objects, alike.

Action Dualshock 3 / 4 Vita Remote Play
Move XBOX Left Stick XBOX Left Stick
Look Around XBOX Right Stick XBOX Right Stick
Recenter Camera PS3_L1.png (tap)
Jump PS3_Cross.png PS3_Cross.png
Movement Mode PS3_L3.png (toggle)

Bottom Right on Rear Touchpad

Melee Attack PS3_Square.png PS3_Square.png
Ranged Attack PS3_Triangle.png PS3_Triangle.png
Lock Current Target PS3_L1.png (hold)
Block PS3_R1.png (hold)

Rear Touchpad (hold)

Dodge PS3_R1.png + XBOX Left Stick
(any direction)
Rear Touchpad + XBOX Left Stick
(any direction)
Interact (Person / Device) PS3_Circle.png (hold) PS3_Circle.png (hold)
Pick Up Object PS3_Circle.png (hold) PS3_Circle.png (hold)
Throw Held Object PS3_Triangle.png PS3_Triangle.png
Smash Held Object PS3_Square.png PS3_Square.png
Scroll Through List XBOX Left Stick XBOX Left Stick
Toggle Stance
Group Loot
Power Details
XBOX Dpad Up XBOX Dpad Up
Push to Talk XBOX Dpad Right
Emote Window XBOX Dpad Down XBOX Dpad Down
Quick Chat Responses XBOX Dpad Left XBOX Dpad Left
Use Power 1 PS3_L2.png + PS3_Square.png XBOX Left Trigger + PS3_Square.png
Use Power 2 PS3_L2.png + PS3_Triangle.png XBOX Left Trigger + PS3_Triangle.png
Use Power 3 PS3_L2.png + PS3_Circle.png XBOX Left Trigger + PS3_Circle.png
Use Power 4 PS3_L2.png + PS3_Cross.png XBOX Left Trigger + PS3_Cross.png
Use Power 5 PS3_R2.png + PS3_Square.png XBOX Right Trigger + PS3_Square.png
Use Power 6 PS3_R2.png + PS3_Triangle.png XBOX Right Trigger + PS3_Triangle.png
Use Consumable Item PS3_R2.png + PS3_Circle.png XBOX Right Trigger + PS3_Circle.png
Use Trinket PS3_R2.png + PS3_Cross.png XBOX Right Trigger + PS3_Cross.png

Other PS platform differences Edit

Action Dualshock 3 Dualshock 4 Vita Remote
Open Radial Menu PS3_Start.png
Options Start
Toggle Chat Window PS3_Select.png
Touchpad Touchscreen

PC Controls/Keyboard Edit

Holding item

A player holding up an item in air.

Action Control
Move W A S D
Look Around Mouse
Jump/Fly directly upwards Space Bar
Movement Mode


Accelerated Movement Mode Num Lock
Melee Attack Left-Click
Ranged Attack Right-Click
Lock Current Target Tab
Clear Locked Target C
Block / Breakout

Left shift

Interact (Person / Device)
Pick Up Object

Drop Object

E (hold) 

E (tap) 

Throw Held Object Right-Click
Smash Held Object Left-Click
Gather Nearby Loot Left Ctrl
Scroll Through List
Zoom Camera
Mouse scroll wheel
Toggle role T
Group Loot L
Journal Window J
Traits K
Inventory Window I


Map M
Ability Tray 1-8 (as marked under the skill)

PC Controls/Xbox One Controller Edit



Move XBOX Left Stick
Look Around XBOX Right Stick
Recenter Camera XBOX Left Bumper
Jump XBOX A Button
Movement Mode XBOX Left Stick Click
Melee Attack XBOX X Button
Ranged Attack XBOX Y Button
Lock Current Target XBOX Left Bumper
Block XBOX Right Bumper
Dodge XBOX Right Bumper + XBOX Left Stick Any Dir
Interact (Person / Device) XBOX B Button
Pick Up Object XBOX B Button
Throw Held Object XBOX Y Button
Smash Held Object XBOX X Button
Gather Nearby Loot XBOX Left Trigger + XBOX Right Trigger
Scroll Through List XBOX Right Stick
Toggle Stance
Group Loot
Power Details
XBOX Dpad Up
Active Debuffs/Buffs XBOX Dpad Right
Emote Window XBOX Dpad Down
Quick Chat Responses XBOX Dpad Left

Ability TrayEdit

Action Control
Use Power 1 XBOX Left Trigger + XBOX X Button
Use Power 2 XBOX Left Trigger + XBOX Y Button
Use Power 3 XBOX Left Trigger + XBOX B Button
Use Power 4 XBOX Left Trigger + XBOX A Button
Use Power 5 XBOX Right Trigger + XBOX X Button
Use Power 6 XBOX Right Trigger + XBOX Y Button
Use Consumable Item XBOX Right Trigger + XBOX B Button
Use Trinket XBOX Right Trigger + XBOX A Button

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