Conversion Vortices is a level 8 mission that is started at the completion of Raven Unleashed and is completed in the Tomorrow District of Metropolis.

Stop the Trigonic Demons casting soul-corrupting Conversion Vortices on rooftops.


"Trigon is using his daughter, the Titan Raven, to spread his foul energy. Then he will destroy her. Both she and the city are doomed unless we stop Trigon now. Find his demons on the rooftops and destroy their dark Conversion Vortices!" — Wonder Woman
  • Stop the spread of Trigon's energy by Dispelling Conversion Vortices on Rooftops (0/10)
  • Defeat Trigon-Corrupted Souls (0/20)
  • Collect Plasma from Corrupted Souls (0/10)
"I'm trying to raise Starfire and the other Titans, but no word since they went into the Science Police HQ. I'm calling Zatanna now to back you up." — Oracle

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