Cram Session is a mission in the of Storming the Ivory Tower story arc provided to low level Meta Villains.

Free injected students from police custody so they can transform into Parasites.
"Excelent, The mutagen works. Unfortunately the police are arresting our potential Parasites before they can feed and complete their mutation. Free the affected students - I need them for the next stage of my plan." — Lex Luthor

Cram Session

Background Edit

Lex Luthor is developing a method to take down the new super heroes by transforming them into copies of Parasite. Lex Luthor needs the help of the new Villain, fresh off the Brainiac Harvester Ship to help him finish the tests and prevent Power Girl from stopping them.

Objectives Edit

  • Travel to Metropolis University.
  • Find Agent Diligence.
  • Defeat Police Officers (Count: 20).
  • Free Infected Students (Count: 10).
  • Destroy police cars (Count: 6).
"Gotta admit, watching those infected students drain power from Metropolis cops... it's beautiful. Just beautiful." — Calculator

Freelance missionsEdit

Non-Player Characters Edit


Rewards Edit

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