The Crime Bible is a religious text used as the central reading for Intergang's Religion of Crime, also known as the "Dark Faith". It is similar to the regular Christian Bible in form and function, but it's content differs immensely.


The text features Cain as its central character, know as "The First"; as in the first person to have committed murder. The text deals with the Cain's exploits and his work's of evil in the world, in association with Lilith.

An especially key part of the bible is the Four Lessons of Blood; pillars of the faith akin to the Ten Commandments in Christianity. The four lessons are Deceit, Lust, Greed and Murder.





  • The copy of the Bible seen most often in the DCU allegedly has a cover of stone, said to be made from the physical rock Cain used to kill Abel.
  • A Blasphemous Mythology: The Religion of Crime is a popular nonfiction book written by Stanton T. Carlyle that denounces the Crime Bible and the Religion of Crime as a hoax. The real purpose of the book, however, was to bring the information of the Religion of Crime to the masses in a palatable form thus spreading the "Word". In order to guarantee the book would be a best seller, both Stanton and his wife, Giselle, (both of whom are secretly members of the Religion of Crime) were ordered to kill each other and their child, Anthony, to make it appear that the Religion were seeking revenge for the book. It is unclear if this tactic succeeded as Giselle did kill Stanton before being captured by the Question.


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