The DC Universe Online Beta was a testing phase of DC Universe Online which entailed opening the game momentarily to the public to on October 8th, 2010 to January 5th, 2011, in order to "field test" player interaction within the game.

The registration for the beta started on July 20th, 2010, with "VIP Beta Keys" either ordered online via the game's official website or given during various comicbook and videogame conventions such as the San Diego Comic Con and the SOE Fan Faire. The keys allowed players access to the game and allowed them to choose the platform upon which they wanted to beta test the game (EU PC, EU PS3, US PC, US PS3). On December 14th, 2010, a beta was also released on the PlayStation Network for all PlayStation Plus members.

Near the end of the testing phase, the Battle of Legends event was held to thank the public for their input. Following the event, all servers were shut from the public in final preperation for the game's official public release on January 11, 2011.





Beta Emblem

  • Players who participated in the Beta received a special Emblem to mark their participation.

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