Issue: DC Universe Online Legends #17
Subtitle: The Brainiac/Sinestro Corps War Part 2
Date: Early January 2012
Feature Characters: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Sinestro
Supporting Characters: Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Green Lantern (John Stewart), Kilowog
Villains: Brainiac
Guest Appearances: Anti-Monitor, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Soranik Natu, Tomar-Re
Other Characters: Sinestro Corps, Green Lantern Corps, Brainiac's Forces

As Sinestro informs Hal on what had happened to the planet Krugar, Hal reveals what he has learned of Brainiac sapping the Sinestro corps' energy and recommends attacking the conqueror directly.
Realizing that Brainiac might be too powerful for the Green Lantern Corps to handle on its own, Hal joins Sinestro in the attack, however, as Brainiac reveals that he is just a hologram, Brainiac abducts the Sinestro Corps' Central Power Battery; robbing the corpsmen of their powers. While Hal attempts to generate an atmosphere bubble to keep the remaining corpsmen in space alive, he is assailed by Brainiac's machines in spite of Sinestro's best efforts and his arm is broken.

Awaking after the battle and Brainiac's escape from the Green Lantern blockade around the planet, Hal learns that Sinestro and his corpsmen are dead.

"I'm not sure you're on the right side of this containment field." — John Stewart to Guy Gardner

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Writers:- Tom Taylor
Artists:- Bruno Redondo
Letterer:- Wes Abbott
Colourist:- Jorge Gonzalez

- Korugar
- Power Ring

- Brainiac's quote "No. You won't." is a call back to Lex Luthor's quote to Batman in the second Blur trailer for DC Universe Online.


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