Issue: DC Universe Online: Legends #3
Subtitle: Betrayal
Date: Early May 2011
Feature Characters: Lex Luthor, Power Girl, Superman, Batman
Supporting Characters: Black Canary, Mister Freeze, Solomon Grundy, Doctor Fate, Blue Beetle, Cheetah, Atom, August General in Iron, Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Villains: Brainiac, Brainiac's Forces, Clayface, Eclipso, Trickster, Weather Wizard
Guest Appearances: Gold
Other Characters:

While Luthor gathers resources for his plan, Power Girl assists the military while looking for Superman, only to find his body within the ruins of Metropolis.
Taking the spear that was impaled in him after burying Superman, Power Girl takes it to the other remaining heroes to discover that Luthor was Superman's killer. However, in spite of her wish for revenge, they continue to follow Luthor's plan in order to free the Earth from Brainiac.
Meanwhile, in the present the Justice League of America gathers in the Watchtower to form a plan of action against Brainiac as Brainiac himself moves to attack the Watchtower.

"Nobody uses Lex Luthor." — Lex Luthor

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Writers:- Tony Bedard
Artists:- Howard Porter
- Livesay
- Adriana Melo
- Norman Lee
Letterer:- Wes Abbott
Colourist:- Carrie Strachan, Randy Mayor

- Metropolis
~ Daily Planet
- JLA Watchtower
- Exobyte

- Includes preview of Batwoman #1


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