Issue: DC Universe Online: Legends #7
Date: Early July
Feature Characters: Batman, Lex Luthor
Supporting Characters: Allyce, Strongarm, Fracture, Cyber, Shock
Villains: Brainiac's Forces, New Heroes and New Villains
Guest Appearances: Joker, Harley Quinn, Blue Beetle, Black Canary, Atom
Other Characters: Cyber, Shock

Batman is discovered amongst the ruins of Metropolis still alive inspite of his greivous injuries. Brought to a hidden sanctuary his body is rebuilt, however, it is revealed that Luthor has been munipulating events.
As Batman awakens just as Brainiac's Enforcers discover the sanctuary, he makes his way to the Fortress of Solitude to activate one of Rip Hunter's Time Portals to support Luthor's plan of building a metahuman army using the stolen Exobyte data. However, Luthor betrays him and enters the portal as Brainiac's forces invades the fortress.

"We're not done. This is just the beginning." — Batman

Legends7 1 - Legends7 2 - Legends7 3 - Legends7 4


Writers:- Marv Wolfman
Artists:- Howard Porter
- Livesay
Letterer:- Wes Abbott
Colourist:- Jorge Gonzalez



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