This article is about the backstory of DC Universe Online. For the storylines that the players are involved in, see Mentor-based Missions.

The backstory of DC Universe Online is presented through a series of FMV trailers and the DC Universe Online Legends comicbook series.


DCUO Legends TimelineEdit

Future Batman and Lex Luthor TimelineEdit

Encountering an Exobyte breaking into one of his secret labs, Lex Luthor meets and makes a pact with Brainiac to destroy Superman.
Sharing his data and resources with the galactic conqueror, Luthor waged war against the world's heroic populace, uniting the villain community under his leadership, while Brainiac secretly used his Exobytes to steal the abilities of the world’s heroes and villains.

The constant years of battle saw to the deaths of numerous heroes and villains and the destruction of Metropolis. While Superman went into exile in the sun’s core, Earth’s remaining champions launched a final campaign against Luthor’s forces in the ruins of Metropolis. With Luthor watching over the battlefield alongside Deathstroke and Circe behind a shield on top of what remained of the Daily Planet Building, Batman led the remaining heroes on the ground with Cyborg as support.


The ruins of Metropolis

With Poison Ivy and Green Arrow already dead, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan); with his arm in a sling due to a previous injury, quickly dispatches Giganta before being confronted by Black Adam as Batman launches a missile attack against Luthor's shield. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman dispatches and decapitates Metallo before Deathstroke assails her; stealing her Golden Lasso as Circe moves to also assault her.
From atop another building, Joker (wearing the bullet-riddled vest of James Gordon) and Harley Quinn (wearing Robin's torn cape) arrive to further escalate the situation; using a missile launcher to attack the Flash (Barry Allen) as he races to aid Hal Jordan who is being dominated by Black Adam.
Noticing the incoming assistance, Adam uses his Word of Power to call down magical lightning just as Hal Jordan musters the willpower in his Power Ring and Barry Allen opens himself to the Speed Force. The resulting explosion as the three cosmic powers collide breaches Luthor's shield, kills Harley Quinn and Circe, disintegrates Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, and devastates what remains of the battlefield.
As the smoke settles, Batman emerges from the wreckage only to be lassoed by Deathstroke, using Wonder Woman's golden lasso, and hung from a piece of wreckage for the villain to beat him to death. Seeing this, the Joker falls into a tantrum and fires the rocket launcher at the both of them; exclaiming that nobody kills the Bat but him.


Death of Wonder Woman and Superman

Sifting through the rubble, Luthor finds and manhandles Wonder Woman; ordering her to call Superman before proceeding to electrocute her. Hearing her screams, Superman awakens fully charged and flies to the battlefield. Confronting Luthor and calling for Batman, not knowing that the hero had been incapacitated, Luthor summons Adam to attack, however, the kryptonian's power was too great for the magic-powered champion and Superman overpowers him, firing his Heat Vision into the villain's face before turning to throw Luthor across the battlefield.
Superman's anger quickly turns to sorrow, however, upon seeing Wonder Woman's body lying on the ground. As Superman knelt to cradle her, Luthor had desecrated her body; hiding deposits of Kryptonite in her mouth. As Superman was quickly weakened by the radioactive rock, Luthor returned to stand over his long-time nemesis; claiming triumph as he drove a kryptonite-point spear through the hero's heart.

Immediately upon Superman’s death, Brainiac, with all opposition dispatched thanks to Luthor, commenced his invasion of Earth.

Sometime later, Luthor allies with Batman (who had survived the battle and returned as a cyborg) and forms a plan to save the world by using the Exobyte data Brainiac had taken on the powers of the hero and villain community during their war to create a new army of meta-humans to oppose Brainaic's invasion forces. Successfully testing the process of bestowing powers upon a non-powered individual on a man code-named Fracture, Luthor and Batman realized that the state of the world in their timeline was irreparable and sought to travel back in time to a point where an army could make a difference in changing their fate.


The Fortress of Solitude under attack

Sheltering within Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic, Batman attempts to code a portal to the past as Luthor and Fracture fight off Brainiac’s Eradicators. With the portal successfully activated, Batman moves to hold off the invaders while Fracture enters the portal. However, Luthor betrays the other two; killing Fracture and taking the Exobytes for himself.
As Batman promises vengeance upon the villain, and confidently, Luthor enters the portal to the past alone leaving Batman apparently "dead".

Game StoryEdit

Arriving in an abandoned alleyway, Future Lex Luthor meets with present Lex Luthor and forms an alliance to take advantage of the coming invasion by Brainiac and the unleashing of the Exobyte technology.

As before, the intergalactic conqueror Brainiac unleashes a sudden invasion on Earth in pursuit of the secret of the Multiverse. Acting quickly, the conqueror begins bottling buildings in both Metropolis and Gotham City as the Justice League of America rally their forces to prevent further destruction.
At this time, Future Lex Luthor appears before Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman with a warning of what their future could become should certain events come to pass. Unable to penetrate the "bottle" force fields and hopelessly outnumbered by Brainiac's invasion forces, the Trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) bring Luthor to the JLA Watchtower to hear his plan on preventing these events from occurring only to bare witness to Luthor activating and dispersing Exobytes around the globe; explaining that it is part of his plan to create an army for the heroes to oppose Brainiac with.

As they were programmed, the microscopic Exobytes begin to infect countless citizens on Earth, altering their DNA and giving them extra normal abilities; bestowing them with Magical knowledge, Technological prowess or Metahuman ability similar to the super-powered beings already in existence.

Leveling Content ArcEdit

Home Turf ArcEdit

Fight for the Light ArcEdit

The Hand of Fate ArcEdit

Lightning Strikes ArcEdit

As the chaos continues, worm hole vortexes begin appearing in both Metropolis and Gotham City, from which creatures known as Paradox Reapers begin appearing in an attempt to consume the current timeline.
With the greatest concentration of reapers and vortexes appearing in Central City, it is revealed that someone has traveled into the past in an attempt to alter the history of the Flash (Barry Allen). Employing a group of New Heroes, the Flash uses the Cosmic Treadmill to send the group back in time to stop the instigator before time is rewritten.

Avatar of Tech and Meta ArcEdit

Brainiac's primary targets are soon revealed as a mass-reading of the villain's forces are detected beneath Gotham City. Oracle marshals a group of New Heroes as Calculator marshals a group of New Villains and they both move to investigate the area, quickly discovering access to the Outer Caverns of the legendary Batcave. As their respective "guides" are shut out due to the cave's digital defense systems, the groups are assailed by the cave's robotic guardians; who have been reprogrammed by an unknown entity to use lethal force.
Making their way deeper inside the caverns and into the facility, they are momentarily assisted by Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman and Huntress until the revelation that the cave had been invaded by Brother Eye, on Brainiac's orders. With the four members of the Bat Family infected with the OMAC Virus, the groups proceed into the facility as they were protected from the nanovirus by the Exobytes within themselves.


The Avatar of Tech and Brother Eye

Making their way through the cave's inner sanctum, dispatching the OMAC-controlled robots as they were encountered, the groups eventually meet and assist Batman in freeing the cave's systems from Brother Eye's control only for the hero himself to become infected and depart into a deeper part of the caverns.
With the cave freed and Brother Eye momentarily defeated, the groups follow the infected Batman into the caverns to discover that Brainiac had begun secretly assimilating the caverns in order to gain control the "Nexus of Knowledge" that was the Bat Computer. Clearing the area of Brainiac forces, the groups manage to free Batman of Brainiac's control and together they destroy Brainiac's Avatar of Tech; which was built specifically to command and control the nexus.

As the Avatar of Tech falls, Brainiac sends another force to invade the next Nexus within the Fortress of Solitude in the arctic circle. While Supergirl, Power Girl, Krypto and even Bizarro move to free the fortress, Brainiac manages to gain control of the Sunstone Crystals within the fortress and defeats each of the kryptonians.


Luthor and Superman united

Recognizing the threat should Brainiac gain control of the metahuman technology stored within the fortress, Superman and Lex Luthor unite their forces to break Brainiac's blockade to gain entrance; encountering robotic crystal creations and the now-mind-controlled kryptonian heroes along the way.
Coming upon the Phantom Zone generator, Luthor releases General Zod from captivity, despite Superman's warnings, to aid in destroying Brainiac's Avatar of Meta and together the heroes and villains confront and destroy the avatar before it could gain full control of the meta-human technology. However, the victory was short lived as Zod immediately betrayed the alliance and turned to the crystal matrix to release his forces from the Phantom Zone.
Following after him, Superman and Luthor lead their New Heroes and New Villains against Zod's army and manage to return the General and his army back into the void.

Battle for Earth ArcEdit


United Heroes and Villains confront the Avatar of Meta

Locating the final Nexus of Knowledge beneath Themyscira, the battle against Brainiac peaks as the tyrant attempts to claim the Flame of Change from within Tartarus. Uniting to defend the Gates of Tartarus from Brainiac's forces, Wonder Woman summons the Amazons remaining on the island to stand alongside Circe's Beastiamorph Army to hold him at bay as the two magical warriors gather their New Hero and New Villain allies to lead a counter attack to disrupt and destroy the Avatar of Magic spearheading the invasion.

As these battles in the Arctic and Themyscira occur, back in Gotham City, Vicki Vale begins personally investigating the streets within the fully bottled sections of Old Gotham and discovers Brainiac's forces converting and assimilating the district's civilian occupants into robotic slaves; forming a "Brainiac Union" that has begun building an invasion force consisting of constructs stolen from the Batcave, Fortress of Solitude and Themyscira to further assimilate Gotham and protect the entry-point into the Nexus of Reality discovered directly beneath the GCPD Headquarters.


The "Prime Battleground" above the Nexus of Reality

As Vale is rescued from being assimilated into the Union, Batman and Lex Luthor spearhead hero and villain strike teams into the district's bottled buildings using S.T.A.R. Labs and LexCorp technology respectively to disrupt the Union and its army before massing a force to destroy Brainiac's beachhead above the Nexus.
However, before the groups could celebrate Brainiac's seeming defeat, Future Lex Luthor betrays his alliance with Luthor and enters the Nexus to gain control of reality for himself. Fortunately, as Future Luthor enters the Nexus, Future Batman arrives from the future, having survived Luthor's previous betrayal, and pursues the villain into the Nexus to wrest control from the megalomaniac.

Origin Crisis ArcEdit

Last Laugh ArcEdit

Sons of Trigon ArcEdit

Fight for the Light DLCEdit

As the battle between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps comes to a head, both factions begin deputizing New Heroes and New Villains to bolster their ranks. Meanwhile, the Red Lantern Corps arrives to feed off the hatred caused by the chaos on Earth.
In an attempt to cease the fighting, S.T.A.R. Labs attempts to create emotional power dampners to control the raging emotional spectrum only to have the reverse effect occur and cause destruction as the corps' infighting spreads to Coast City.

It is eventually revealed that the source of the fluctuating power rings is due to Brainiac's attempt to tap into the corps' power sources; creating his own Power Batteries within the S.T.A.R. Labs Research Facility in Metropolis.

Battle for Earth DLCEdit

Brainiac has begun the Earth's assimilation. He has taken over South Gotham and assaulted all his roster into the area. Stop Brainiac's plans from prevailing and prevent him to get complete control of the Multiverse!

Joker's Last Laugh DLCEdit

Growing irritated with the alliances between heroes and villains, the Joker gains the access codes to the hero and villain Safe Houses, the JLA Watchtower and the Hall of Doom and "shares" them with all members of the conflict.
The temptation to shut down the headquarters of the opposing forces proving too much, heroes and villains begin fighting each other in an attempt to shut down and/or invade the opposing force's lairs.

The Hand of Fate DLCEdit

Doctor Fate enlists the help of the new heroes to defeat the dark sorceress Tala in a series of Operations that span across Gotham City and Metropolis. Heroes must assist him in his cause to purge the sorceress' demonic summonings and rituals.  Meanwhile, Felix Faust recruits villains to aid him in his latest villainous endeavors, which include poisoning Gotham's plants and water supply, splicing together a soul using life-force extracted from several others, and defeating Ra's al Ghul and his League of Assassins as they attempt to collect on a debt Felix Faust owes them.

Home Turf DLCEdit

The new heroes and villains begin to establish lairs and safehouses, using a high-tech mainframe to access new weapons and allies in combat. Meanwhile, T.O. Morrow and his androids face off against Steel, with the new heroes and villains caught in the crossfire. 

Villains will infiltrate the Steelworks and return the Arkham Asylum to its former condition. Heroes will work to clean up the damage Ace Chemicals endured because of T.O Morrows's experiments and secure the Strykers riot prison in Metropolis from Grodd.

Origin Crisis DLCEdit

Continued after the events of the The Prime Battleground, Future Lex has entered the Nexus of Reality, to control what is thought to be the multiverse, as the place is, the center of the Multiverse. Future Batman follows close behind, and by breaking the laws of time, the two summoned councils of their counterparts from different realities.

After the events of Lightning Strikes, turns out, there is more to the threat from the Paradox Reapers. Future Lex and Future Batman tries to change past to alter what is now the "Present". They go back on the fateful night, in Crime Alley where Batman's parents were killed, also going back to the time Superman was sent from his dying planet. The Paradox Reapers are still alive, and they continue to try to destroy all existing time. New Heroes and Villains enters the Paradox Wave and stops the Paradox Reapers from doing so.

Sons of Trigon DLCEdit

Trigon has taken over a part of Gotham City, the Gotham Wastelands. The Seven Deadly Sins, which are the Sons of Trigon, have come to release their father from the magical seals imprisoning him. They compete to play the most significant part in Trigon's escape because that will determin which one of them he grants ultimate power to be used to turn the entire Earth into pure demon hell. They have taken over the Knightsdome Arena, the Ruined Cathedral, and the tunnel of love, renamed Tunnel of Lust by the Sin that took control of the area.  Heroes have to work with Wonder Woman to thwart all attempts to revive Trigon.  Villains will also stop the Sins from reviving Trigon, but their work is to help Circe add the demon's power to her own.

War of The Light I DLCEdit

The War of Light has begun! The Sinestro Corps, Green Lantern Corps and Red Lantern Corps have begun to wage war against each other, vying for occupation of strange Mists that have appeared in Metropolis, which have the same properties as the emotional spectrum in their rings. The Blue Lantern Corps have also joined the conflict, led by Saint Walker, with intentions to collect the Mists as well. 

Heroes and Villains alike will participate and assist the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps respectively in the Downtown Metropolis Battlezone to gain an upper hand on the other faction. Heroes will first report to Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) in Mogo's Command Center

After the expiration of the temporary truce between the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps, both Hal Jordan and Sinestro ask for the assistance of Heroes and Villains respectively to lead a strike team to either Ranx (Heroes) or Mogo (Villains). Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) will lead the Heroes to Ranx, while Arkillo will lead the Villains to Mogo. 

Heroes have also been enlisted to assist in the investigation of the mists surrounding the battlezone in Metropolis and have been asked to help Kyle Rayner in the obtainment of these mists.  

After the Strike Team and Mist Recovery alerts, Hal Jordan has set a plan in motion to destroy Ranx's rail gun after being assaulted by the Red Lanterns. Heroes will be required to assist Hal in this plan, taking place in Ranx and Metropolis.  

Amazon Fury I Arc Edit

Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta has declared war on the Land of Men, and has started by planning a full scale assault on Gotham City, after becoming disillusioned with the Justice League's and men's capability to stop Brainiac's forces after defeating Brainiac's forces at Themyscira. Circe has allied herself with Hippolyta and her Loyalist forces to assist her in the destruction of Gotham, while Wonder Woman has created a Rebel Force to oppose her mother's uncharacteristic aggression.

Heroes will first be told to report to the Themyscira Command Post where Wonder Woman has stationed herself, and complete either the Aegis of Truth or Circe's Trial Iconic Visions.

Halls of Power I DLC Edit

Darkseid's son, Kalibak, and the villainous Mantis have called upon the agents of Darkseid to delve beneath the surfaces of New Genesis and Apokolips to help them retrieve powerful ancient relics for a dark purpose. The heroic Mister Miracle and fierce Big Barda have assembled a force together in an effort to stop them. 

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