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The co-founder and former director of Project CADMUS who was obsessed with cloning. Amoral and ethically challenged, Donovan did not believe there should be any restrictions on experimenting with human genes, and the research conducted by CADMUS on his watch resulted in numerous bizarre, often grotesque, new life-forms. Some of the monstrosities he helped create were released into the labyrinthine tunnels of CADMUS' subterranean headquarters, where they would terrorize CADMUS employees at the most inopportune moments. A few even escaped into Metropolis to become a headache for Superman. The most notorious of Donovan's inspirations were the DNAliens; genetically altered humans with alien characteristics and paranormal abilities. Not above selling his expertise in cloning to the highest bidders, even if they were known criminals. For example, he created new, young bodies for the aging founders of the crime syndicated Intergang, and, Donovan cloned a new body for Lex Luthor when he gained terminal cancer from the radiation of the Kryptonite ring he always wore. Donovan also had a habit of cloning himself to misdirect would-be-assassins. Donovan was eventually imprisoned and acted as a kind of consultant to CADMUS when its original directors left and the project was run by Mickey Cannon. Donovan has since left Project CADMUS and now works for the Agenda, providing assistance in Research and Development to new Meta villains.

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  • Donovan is an R&D vendor for meta users in the Hall of Doom Meta Wing.

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  • Donovan first appeared in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #142

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