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Damagers are one of the 4 roles available in DCUO. This Role generally focuses on dealing damage to enemies. All Power Types have the Damage Role available.  Damage armor provides higher Might and Precision than other role armor. The symbol that represents a Damager is a Flame.

In PVP, Damagers do not have an advantage against any other power set but have a disadvantage to specific roles based on their power set.

Damage RoleEdit

All characters start in the Damage Role. Other roles become available at Level 10.
A power activated from a loadout provides a Damage Modifier to following attacks while in the Damage role. A Damage Modifier will remain in effect on Weapon Attacks as long as the Hit Counter is increasing.

Power Interactions include using certain powers to prime other specific powers for additional damage.
Area of Effect powers cause damage to all opponents within a Radius. Most AOEs split damage depending on the number of affected opponents.
Damage Over Time powers distribute damage at a regular interval for a limited duration. Some DOTs stack with other DOTs allowing multiple simultaneous ticks of damage on an opponent. Damagers can use other attacks on an opponent while a DOT ticks to further increase damage.
Burst damage powers inflict damage in a single hit.
Damagers should prioritize targets and position themselves to maximize damage output without impacting their survivability.


As a damage dealer, your main statistics will be, in order of importance:


Precision increases the amount of damage that a character's weapon attacks can inflict.
Precision damage is indicated by white numbers in combat
10 points of Precision increase weapon base damage per second by 1 point.
Earth Aftershocks, Celestial Combos, Light Construct Combos & Rage Combos cause damage based on the equipped Weapon DPS and Precision.


Might increases the amount of damage that a character's powers can inflict.
Might damage is indicated by yellow numbers in combat
Each point of Might increases ability base damage by 0.25% @ Level 1 and 0.45% @ Level 30.

Critical Attack ChanceEdit

The chance to perform a critical attack with a weapon.
Base Critical Attack Chance is 5%. Critical Attack Chance is reduced by 50% in PVP.

Critical Attack DamageEdit

Increases the damage a critical attack with a weapon does.
Base Critical Attack Damage is 25%. Critical Attack Damage is reduced in PVP.


Power is required to use a character's abilities and is drained as they are performed.
Power restoration is indicated by blue numbers in combat.
Power builds during weapon attacks as shown by the hit counter. Power also regenerates slowly out of combat. Skill points invested in Movement Trees will grant power back after control breakouts.
A larger Power pool allows more active powers to be cast.


Health is the amount of damage a player can take in a battle before being knocked out.
Health restoration is indicated by green numbers in combat.
A larger Health pool helps survivability. A dead Damager can not cause any new damage.

Critical Ability Attack ChanceEdit

The chance to perform a critical attack with an ability.
Base Critical Attack Chance is 5%. Critical Attack Chance is reduced by 50% in PVP.
Critical Ability Attack Chance can be increased by certain powers and gear but not through skill points.

Critical Ability Attack DamageEdit

Increases the damage a critical attack with an ability does.
Base Critical Attack Damage is 25%. Critical Attack Damage is reduced in PVP.
Critical Ability Attack Damage can be increased by certain powers and gear but not through skill points.

Weapon Damage Increase PowersEdit

These powers increase the damage of weapon attacks through Precision, Procs or Criticals.

Power Set Powers Effects
Celestial Anoint +15% Precision
+270 Might
Group Buff
Celestial Benediction +10% Critical Attack & Ability Chance
Group Buff
Earth Reinforce

+7% Critical Attack & Ability Chance
+15% Precision

Electricity Wired +10% Critical Attack & Ability Chance
+15% Might 
Group Buff
Fire Fiery Weapon +7% Critical Attack & Ability Chance
+10% Critical Attack & Ability Damage 
Gadgets Intimidation Might based Damage Procs  
May Stun 
Ice Ice Bash Might based Damage Procs
Grants Chill Effect
Iconic Venom Boost Might based Damage Procs
Light Inspiration +10% Critical Attack & Ability Chance
+15% Precision
Group Buff
Mental Menace Might based Damage Procs  
May Panic 
Nature Carnage +10% Critical Attack & Ability Chance
+15% Precision
Group Buff
Nature Rampage +25% Critical Attack Chance
+50% Critical Attack Damage 
Rage Bloodlust +10% Critical Attack Chance
+15% Precision
Group Buff
Rage Ferocity +15% Precision
Quantum Warped Reality Might based Damage Procs  
Sorcery Weapon of Destiny Might based Damage Procs  
Inflicts Bad Karma

Group Burst Power abilities add +77 Might and +62 Precision:

Power Set Group Burst Powers
Gadgets Defibrillator
Light Recharge
Mental Psychic Empowerment
Quantum Temporal Extortion

Under 35% Health PowersEdit

These powers cause extra damage when the target is below 35% Health.

Power Set Powers
Celestial Defile
Earth Sandblast
Fire Snuff Out
Gadgets Photon Blast
Ice Impaling Ice
Mental Terrorize
Nature Impaling Thorns
Rage Eviscerating Chain
Quantum Energy Expulsion
Sorcery Final Ruin

60% Damage ModifiersEdit

These powers increase damage to following attacks by 60% and have a long animation time.

Power Set Powers
Fire Fireburst, Mass Detonation
Ice Frost Blast
Mental Mass Levitation, Telekinetic Bolt
Quantum Tachyon Blast

50% Damage ModifiersEdit

These powers increase damage to following attacks by 50%.

Power Set Powers
Celestial Anoint, Dark Pact, Defile, Divine Light, Guardian's Light, Plague
Earth Jackhammer, Reinforce, Rumblecrush, Sandblast, Tectonic Break
Electricity Electrocute, Galvanize, Ionic Drain, Static Push, Tesla Ball, Voltaic Bolt
Fire Burning Determination, Inferno, Spontaneous Combustion, Snuff Out, Stoke Flames
Gadgets Cryo-Field, Energy Shield, Napalm Grenade, Neural Neutralizer, Photon Blas, Sleep Dart
Ice Impaling Ice, Resonating Gale, Snow Devil, Winter Ward, Wintry Tempest
Light Chainsaw, Fan, Light Blast, Inspiration, Snap Trap, Triage
Mental Cryokinesis, Mass Terror, Reflect Pain, Telekinetic Shield, Terrorize
Nature  Bloom, Cross Pollination, Hive Mind, Impaling Thorns, Swarm, Voracious Plants
Rage Bloodlust, Galling Eruption, Ferocity, Outrage, Plasma Retch, Redirected Rage
Quantum Distortion Wave, Energy Expulsion, Gravity Bomb, Gravity Well, Warp Barrage
Sorcery Circle of Destiny, Final Ruin, Invocation of Renewal, Offering, Shard of Life, Soul Storm

Power InteractionsEdit

Power Interactions can be used to maximize damage output.

Power Set Powers
Celestial Celestial Combos, Purification
Earth Crushing, Dazing, Aftershocks
Electricity Electrify, Polarize, Electro-Charge
Fire Burning
Gadgets Electrify, Frostbite, Burning, Crushing
Ice Frostbite, Chill Effects
Light   Dazing, Panic, Construct Combos
Mental Dazing, Terror, Burning, Frostbite, Electrify, Crushing
Nature Poison Spores, Terror
Rage Plasma Burn, Rage Combos
Quantum Destabilize, Graviton-Charge, Polarize
Sorcery Bad Karma, Soul Auras

Iconic PowersEdit

Pick and choose which ones work best for you, though the following are strongly recommended:

Knockback PowerEdit

These attacks affect all nearby enemies and push them away from you. Good for getting some breathing room if you get swarmed. It also deals damage, though not a whole lot.


These are useful in various situations but most importantly to save your healer from getting hit. Solo, they can remove an enemy from the fight and even out the odds. These are highly dependent on the Dominance stat and bosses are all immune to their effects.


As a damager the best weapons for throwing (which gives the most damage at once) are One-Handed, Rifle, Staff, Two-Handed and Shield.
As for combos the best weapons are One-Handed, Staff, Brawling, Hand Blaster and Shield.

There are some key weapon attacks to look out for though.

  • Charge attack – This launches you towards the enemy. Typically by holding down the Left Mouse button.
  • Interrupts – Many attacks can interrupt an enemy. This is very effective when you see the Massive Attack icon above their heads.
  • Block Breaker – Some attacks can break blocks. 
  • Knockbacks – Attacks that push away enemies are useful for keeping you alive and breaking their attacks. Typically you can be interrupted doing so.
  • Area Effect – These attacks deal decent damage to multiple enemies at once. Very powerful as it also fills your combo meter quickly, giving you more Power. Combined with Damage Increase Powers, this is extremely deadly.

Weapon Style BenefitsEdit


  • Dual Pistols, Martial Arts, Rifle, Staff : +10
  • Bow, Hand Blaster : +60
  • One-Handed : +70


  • Shield: +30

Critical Attack Chance

  • Bow, Brawling, Dual Wield, One-Handed : +1%
  • Rifle, Staff, Two-Handed : +3%

Critical Attack Damage

  • Bow, Hand Blaster, Two-Handed : +2%
  • Brawling : +12%
  • Dual Pistols, Dual Wield, Martial Arts : +14%


Some DPS prefer to stay far and target the enemy with long ranged attacks (holding down triangle or right click on the mouse pad ) this is advisable for fighting any boss while there is also the melee style of fighting which is best used for close combat

If you plan to follow the first strategy it is advisable to focus in you mods on precision it is to invest in mods of Precision, Precision & Might, Precision & Health, Precision & Power, Dominance & Precision, Vitalization & Precision, Restoration & Precision


You want to have a Damage Increase Power active if you have over 50% power. Using a Pull-Towards or Charge attack will help you close the distance between you and the enemy. Keep an eye out for Massive Attacks and either Block them or interrupt them. Enemies with the Shield icon are tougher than most, so using a 35% Health Power near the end is a good way to knock them out for good.


Your job is to do all the dirty work. You need to kill the adds (minor enemies) that show up, click the boxes when you need to and throw healing barrels when they are close by. Stick close to your healer as you will likely be taking a fair chunk of damage in combat. Melee attacks deal more damage than ranged ones but put you in harm's way. Depending on your weapon, you might be better off staying at range while keeping a Damage Increase Power active as much as possible. Remember to spam your 35% Health Power when the boss is under that amount. If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, use a Knockback and run to the Tank. They usually have an Area Effect ability that will taunt them off you.

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