Demonic is an Armor Style Set forged in the pits of Hell. This specific armor style originates from the corner of Hell known as "Dis".

A hellish dimension, all residents of Dis have immortality but as a consequence they start to lose the ability to care about anything. However, it is found that when an individual starts caring about something in Dis, they are expunged and returned home.


Demonic (Healer)
Pieces Drops Stats
Demonic (Tank)
Pieces Drops Stats
Demonic (Controller)
Pieces Drops Stats
Demonic (Damage)
Pieces Drops Stats
Pieces Drops Stats
Demonic (Styles)
Pieces Obtainment
Demonforged Helmet The Vault
Sulphuric Shoulderplates The Vault
Chestguard of the Abyss The Vault
(Hellspawn Wings) The Vault
Abyssal Peril Gauntlets The Vault
Hellthreat Belt The Vault
Legguards of the Demon Host The Vault
Frightening Helltreads The Vault

Old Set ItemsEdit

Name Type Role Item Type
Abyssal Gauntlets Hands Any
Demonleather Chestguard Chest Any
Hellforged Belt Waist Any
Hellforged Exoskeletal Chestguard Chest Any
Orichalcum Mantle Shoulders Any





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