Destroy the Barrier is a level 12 mission that is started at the completion of The Search for Wonder Girl and is completed in the Tomorrow District of Metropolis.

Destroy the stones creating Circe's warding spell outside the ritual area at the Metro Station.

Objectives Edit

"Circe has enchanted those Sisyphean stones to prevent you from passing through! Destroy them, we must stop the ritual Circe and Giganta have planned for Wonder Girl!" — Wonder Woman
  • Destroy Circe's Warding Stones outside the Metro Station (0/5)
  • Defeat the Invading Bestiamorphs (0/20)
  • Gather Samples of Circe's Incantation from Fallen Beasts (0/20)
"The spell is weakened! To the attack!" — Wonder Woman

Upon completion, the mission Giganta Girl (hero mission) would automatically be started.


  • The ward does not seems to prevent players from passing through at all.
  • It appears that after this mission, the Amazons on the streets went from being repeatedly slaughtered to being able to kill bestiamorphs in one hit.


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