"I've secured a shipment of the best equipment. For all our security needs." — Detective Mueller

Detective Mueller is a Vendor NPC only available for hero characters in the GCPD 12th Precinct safehouse.

A member of the Gotham City Police Department, Mueller sells common-grade equipment to New Heroes.

Involvement Edit


  • Detective Mueller is a green-level Vendor for the Hero faction.

Vendor ListEdit

Soder Cola Extreme x6 MoneyPickup 900 Soder Cola Extreme
Soder Cola Supreme x6 MoneyPickup 726 Soder Cola Supreme
Soder Cola Plus x6 MoneyPickup 552 Soder Cola Plus
Soder Cola Classic x6 MoneyPickup 378 Soder Cola Classic
Soder Cola x6 MoneyPickup 180 Soder Cola (Item)
Slick KnightWear Shirt MoneyPickup 234 40px
Slick KnightWear Pants MoneyPickup 214 40px
Cyclops Helmet MoneyPickup 195 40px
Power-Reinforced Gloves MoneyPickup 156 40px
Square-Buckle Belt MoneyPickup 136 40px
Slick KnightWear Boots MoneyPickup 175 40px
Militant Rivethead Shirt MoneyPickup 267 40px
Militant Rivethead Leggings MoneyPickup 245 40px
Biohunter Helmet MoneyPickup 222 40px
Militant Rivethead Shoulders MoneyPickup 222 40px
Militant Rivethead Gloves MoneyPickup 178 40px
Militant Rivethead Belt MoneyPickup 156 40px
Militant Rivethead Boots MoneyPickup 200 40px
Militant Rivethead Cloak MoneyPickup 156 40px
Militant Rivethead Mask MoneyPickup 44 40px
Deathstalker's Bow MoneyPickup 234 Icon Bow 001 White
Synthium Knucklguards MoneyPickup 234 40px
Machined Dual Pistols MoneyPickup 234 40px
Keen Axes MoneyPickup 234 40px
Lavascorch Blast Gauntlets MoneyPickup 234 40px
Sunburst Fighting Claws MoneyPickup 234 40px
Kris of the Warding Flame MoneyPickup 234 40px
Flamestrike Rifle MoneyPickup 234 40px
Machined Plate MoneyPickup 234 40px
Obsidian Warglaive MoneyPickup 234 40px
Counterweighted Assault Hammer MoneyPickup 234 40px
Urban Longbow MoneyPickup 283 Icon Bow 001 White
Hardened Evosynth Fighter's Claws MoneyPickup 283 40px
Burnley Specials MoneyPickup 283 40px
Light Monk's Blades MoneyPickup 283 40px
Articulated Evosynth Blaster Gloves MoneyPickup 283 40px
Nomad's Katar MoneyPickup 283 40px
Technologist's Sharpened Axe MoneyPickup 283 40px
Miniaturized Railgun MoneyPickup 283 40px
Nomad's Aegis MoneyPickup 283 40px
Technologist's Staff MoneyPickup 283 40px
Heavy Spike Hammer MoneyPickup 283 40px


Detective Mueller is named after the DCUO Story Writer and Assistant Creative Director, Sara Jene Mueller, also known as Nerd of Prey.


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