"Commissioner Gordon wants to make sure you guys have the best WayneTech gear out there. It's all inspired by Batman. Take a look." —Detective Zenke

Detective Zenke is a Vendor NPC only available for hero characters in the GCPD 12th Precinct safehouse.

A member of the Gotham City Police Department, Zenke sells uncommon-grade equipment to New Heroes.

Involvement Edit


  • Detective Zenke is a blue-level Vendor for the Hero faction.

Vendor ListEdit

Personal Covert Dematerializer MoneyPickup 399 40px
Capable BioStat Chestguard MoneyPickup 118 40px
Slim ThermalSlate Pants MoneyPickup 161 40px
Versatile Equilibrity Boots MoneyPickup 194 40px


Detective Zenke is named after the DCUO Designer Michael Zenke.


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