Disable STAR Labs' defenses to activate devolution devices and enable Grodd to storm STAR Labs.


"Grodd is in position inside, but he needs a distraction to keep STAR Forces busy out here. I suggest you destroy STAR Labs' nullifying devices and activate the confiscated devolution technology scattered from Grodd's last attack. That should keep everyone busy." — Lex Luthor
  • Disable S.T.A.R. Labs Nullifiers (0/8)
  • Steal Devolution Blockers off S.T.A.R. Labs forces (0/20)
  • Activate Devolvers (0/5)
"Heads up. The JLA has called in the Flash - both of the Flashes, the new one and the original. Ready to think fast? I thought so. Head inside." — Lex Luthor
"The Flash and all other speedsters are powered by the Speed Force, an extra-dimensional energy plane, or realm, or quantum space. Or something. I've never understood it myself, but it packs a punch. And with both Flashes there? Expect a high-speed throwdown." — Calculator


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