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Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate image2

Title Sorcerer Supreme
Faction Heroes
Gender Male
Race Sorcerer
Location Midtown Metropolis Police Station (Metropolis)/Magic Wing (JLA Watchtower)


Power Sorcery
Origin Magic
Movement Flight/Teleportation
Weapon Hand Blaster

Doctor Fate is a servant of the Lords of Order and a supreme sorcerer.


Kent Nelson, the young son of American archaeologist Sven Nelson, accompanied his father on an expedition to the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia in 1920. When Kent opened the tomb of the Egyptian wizard Nabu, a poison gas was released which ultimately resulted in the death of Sven Nelson. Nabu, taking pity on the orphaned Kent, raised him and taught him the skills of a wizard, and then bestowed upon him a mystical helmet, amulet and cloak.

Combat StatisticsEdit


  • Doctor Fate appears randomly in the Safe House PvE and PvP arenas to support the heroes in various raids against the villains or to protect the Police Departments.
  • Doctor Fate is a playable character for Legends PvP.



  • In the Fate Falls! mission, Doctor Fate is the endgame boss for the newly-minted exobyte villains under the tutelage of Circe. Fate is found in the Sentinels of Magic headquarters and new villains must help Brother Blood defeat him as part of the rising of Trigon.
  • Doctor Fate appears randomly as an opponent in the Police Station Tier 3 Duo.
  • The Society of Super-Villains also puts out a Bounty on Doctor Fate. The Bounty poster can be found in the Midtown Safehouse behind Cultist Chalmers.
  • The following items can be acquired by defeating Dr. Fate at level 4:
    • Hellforged Legplates (rare) - Slot: Pants - Stats: 61 Defense, 47 Might - Requires level 4 - Set: Demonic
    • Spellwings of the Archdemon (rare) - Slot: Back - Stats: 44 Defense, 30 Might - Requires Level 4 - Set: Small Demonic Wings
    • Unhallowed Chestguard (rare) - Slot: Chest - Stats: 66 Defense, 51 Might - Requires Level 4 - Set: Demonic


  • Doctor Fate is voiced by Robert Newell.
  • Doctor Fate first appeared in More Fun Comics #55 (May 1940).
  • Doctor Fate's golden cloak is known as the Cloak of Destiny.
  • Doctor Fate is guided by the voice of Nabu, whom he can hear through his helmet. Though Nabu is wise, he has his own agenda and sometimes leads Fate into danger.
  • The Tower of Fate is where Doctor Fate keeps all the magical talismans and artifacts that he has collected through the millennia. The tower itself rests in another dimension and only a select few are granted entry.


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