One of the most powerful and persistent of Wonder Woman's foes, the diminutive Dr. Psycho murdered the psychiatrist to one of Diana's friends, Vaness Kapatelis, and usurped his identity. He then used Vanessa's subconsicious as a conduit to mentally manipulate Wonder Woman.
Although thwarted in his initial psychic assaults, Dr. Psycho has been a lingering threat to Wonder Woman and her friend, Vanessa.

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  • Dr. Psycho runs an experimental facility within Metropolis General Hospital funded by LexCorp. As his patients begin rebelling, Superman sends new heroes to support Supergirl in quelling the chaos and taking Dr. Psycho down. He is quite easy to defeat as he deals very little damage, but is confusing and time-consuming due to his mental tricks and hallucinations.


  • His efforts are thwarted by Supergirl until Lex Luthor intervenes with newly recruited exobyte powered members of the Society.

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Meta Research Wing


Meta Research Wing: Challenge Mode


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  • Doctor Psycho first appeared in Wonder Woman #5 (July, 1943)
  • Doctor Psycho is voiced by Robert Matney.
  • Doctor Psycho has an intense hatred of women and sees Wonder Woman's humiliation and defeat as his ultimate goal.


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