Doomsday has been captured by LexCorp and is being used as part of an experiment to utilize Exobytes.

Involvement Edit

  • Doomsday is a boss encountered during the Smallville Alert.

Combat TipsEdit

Fight MechanicsEdit

General StrategyEdit

Once Doomsday is released, there is a DNA device behind him that needs to be transported to the surrounding generators outside the Kent Barn. Doomsday will take reduced damage until these generators are secured and used against him. Have the tank bring Doomsday close to each of the generators, secure the three nodes surrounding him and then continue the fight. Occasionally, members of the JLA will fall to Doomsday (usually Black Canary and sometimes Green Arrow), and it is up to the group whether or not to revive them. Repeat this process for each of the three generators to defeat Doomsday. If you can kite Doomsday to the water tower right next to the first generator, he will most likely be stuck there, making it easier for your group to secure the other two generators when the time comes. Doomsday does not hit extremely hard, although he does have a monstrous knock back.

Item Drops Edit


  • Doomsday is voiced by Benjamin Jansen.


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