Downloadable Content (often referred to as DLC) is any downloaded add-on to the game.

In DCUO downloadable content is available from the marketplace.


Note: DLC powers were originally tied to specific DLCs packs which included playable content. Powers are now sold separately from playable content which is now labeled as Episodes. Players who purchased a DLC pack prior to the change retain access to the power.



Episode 1 : Fight for the LightEdit

Episode 2 : Lightning StrikesEdit

Episode 3 : The Battle for EarthEdit

Episode 4 : The Last LaughEdit

Episode 5 : Hand of FateEdit

Episode 6 : Home TurfEdit

Episode 7 : Origin CrisisEdit

Episode 8 : Sons of TrigonEdit

Episode 9 : War of the Light Part IEdit

Episode 10 : Amazon Fury Part IEdit

Episode 11 : Halls of Power Part IEdit

Episode 12 : War of the Light Part IIEdit

Episode 13 : Amazon Fury Part IIEdit

Episode 14: Halls of Power Part IIEdit

Episode 15Edit

Episode 16Edit

Episode 17Edit

Episode 18Edit

Episode 19Edit

Episode 20Edit

Episode 21Edit

Episode 22Edit

Episode 23Edit

Episode 24Edit

Episode 25Edit

Episode 26Edit

Episode 27 : Amazon Fury Part IIIEdit

Episode 28 : Age of JusticeEdit

Episode 29 : Riddled with CrimeEdit

Episode 30 : Earth 3Edit

Episode 31: DelugeEdit

Episode 32: Teen Titans: The Judas ContractEdit

Legends AvatarsEdit



  • On March 31st, 2015, existing DLC packs were separated into Episodes, Powers, Upgrades and Legends characters