Use LexCorp's EMPs to disrupt the OMACs near Knights Dome, then collect residual data from the victims.


"Only an electromagnetic pulse can drive the OMAC nanovirus out of its human host. I've had EMPs air-dropped into the area. Activate those against the OMACs, then mark the survivors for quarantine. They'll need time and help to recover from Brother Eye's attack." — Batman
"Clearly Superman and The Justice League failed miserably in exterminating Brother Eye the last time he "acted up." Since an EMP burst will disrupt the OMACs, I've duplicated the units Batman used the first time and had LexCorp airdrop them in. Use them to take out the OMACs, then see if any data remains in the humans left behind." — Lex Luthor
  • Disable OMACs in the area (0/20)
  • Mark Survivors for Quarantine (0/20) (heroes)
  • Retrieve Data from OMAC Remains (0/20) (villains)
"I'm sending Gotham PD a connection to the survivor's locations. WayneTech may have something to aid the recovery process as well." — Oracle
"Oh, good, data from the OMAC victims. I do love me some data! This'll give us something to use against Oracle. And, uh, Brother Eye, of course." — Calculator

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