The East End of Gotham City is said to be polluted with taverns, strip clubs, prostitutes, and crime. Slums bordered the historic Old Gotham, a portion of the city saved from damaged during the earthquake that devastated the city.

The Amicus Avenue Projects were in this area; Alleytown, a network of cobblestone streets, formed a small borough between the East End and Old Gotham. Built over two hundred years ago as a way to house a large population of immigrants and keep them out of sight, it became the home of their descendants. Just off McKinley Street, Crime Alley was the nickname for Park Row, whose tranquillity was shattered forever by the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Crime Alley included a nine—hundred-unit housing project called the Skirley Apartments but better known to locals as the “Scurvy City”. Hell’s Crucible was on the lower east side not far from Crime Alley.

The district is connected to the Bristol district of Gotham County via the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge which stretches over the Gotham River to the north of the island.



GothamEast EndGotham - East End


~ Bat-signal
~ Wayne Memorial
~ Original Wayne Enterprises Building
~ Ellis Memorial Convalescent House
~ Cape Carmine
~ Cape Carmine Lighthouse
~ LexCorp Reclamation Project
~ Gotham City Sewers
~ Robert H. Kane Memorial Bridge
~ Park Row Theatre
~ Malone Improvement District
~ East End Free Clinic
~ The Bowery
~ Old Soder Cola Plant
~ Crime Alley
~ East End Regal Hotel
~ GCPD Special Crimes Unit
~ Distribution Centre
~ Brainiac Incursion Zone
~ Gotham Docks



  • Following a brief time out of costume to reassess what she was doing in life, Catwoman adopted the East End as her section of the city to protect and fought against street gangs and costumed felons to make the area safe for residents.
  • Shortly after James Gordon's retirement from the GCPD, the Black Mask corrupted the East End 14th precinct into running drug shipments and removing potential competitors in a bid to run the East End drug trade.

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