Emblem Styles are the visual representations of emblems and logos that can be worn by the player as accessories. Once a style piece is used, the player will automatically and permanently add the associated style to his or her collection, allowing it to be used via the Style Window.


Vendor EmblemsEdit

Reward EmblemsEdit

Time Capsule EmblemsEdit

Time CapsuleEdit

Amazon Time CapsuleEdit

Qwardian Time CapsuleEdit

Team-Up Time CapsuleEdit

Time Torn Time CapsuleEdit

Arcane Time CapsuleEdit

Gotham Time CapsuleEdit

Notorious Time CapsuleEdit

Marketplace EmblemsEdit

Server EmblemsEdit

Other EmblemsEdit

Style GuideEdit

Front EmblemEdit

Ancient Urgrund Undertunic, Angelic, Angled Flexsuit, Arcane, Archer, Ascetic, Atlantean Monarch, Atlantean Warsuit, Basic Suit, Battle Mage, Biomech, Blackhawk, Chevron Slimline, Contemporary Tech, Daggerpoint Bodysuit, Daring Vigilante, Demonic Runes, Department of Corrections, Digital Invasion, Electric, Energy Armor, Energy Armor (Elite), Flames, Flexsuit, Fourth World, Gunslinger, Heart of the Predator, High Collar, High Voltage, Holiday Elf, Holiday Sweater, Ice, Jester, Jute, League of Assassins, M Slimline, M Suit, Military Tech, Mystic Energy, New Genesis, Paneled Bodysuit, Paramilitary, Prideful, Protege, Pyramid Slimline, Qwardian Fighter, Re-Gifted Sweater, Remora, Runes of the Ancients, Runes of the East, Runes of the Norsemen, Schoolyard, Sector Agent, Sector Incendiary, Short-Sleeve Slimeline, Skeleton, Slimline, Stalwart Defender, Strap Scales, Streak Slimline, T Slimline, T-Shirt, Talon Lord, Tank Top, Tech Ninja, Traces in Time, Triangles, Trigonic Shirt, Tunic of Greed, V Suit, Vengeance, Webbed Flexsuit

Back EmblemEdit

Classic Duster, Detective, Energy Armor, Sequined Urban, Shim'Tar Regalia, Split Personality, Street, Trench Coat, Urban Slick

Shoulder EmblemEdit


Weapon EmblemEdit

Shield: Heater Shield, Shined Brass

Base ItemsEdit

Tied Hanging Decorative Drape


  • Some emblems can only be earned through missions, races, and events, while others can be bought.
  • The majority of emblems will appear on the front or back of Chest style armour pieces.
  • Server Emblems were issued to players as compensation following the move from individual Servers to MegaServers on mid-August, 2011. These emblems represent whichever individual server the player was using before the move.
  • The Shined Brass Shield-style can display an emblem on its front.
  • Since Home Turf episode there also are base items which can be emblemized, e.g. the Tied Hanging Decorative Drape.
  • All vendor emblems are also selectable during character creation.

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