Emergency Response is a level 30 mission started once the player reaches level 30.

The Justice League needs you to confront its most challenging missions. Report to Watchtower and meet with Zatanna in the Hall of Heroes.


"This is Oracle. You've done it - you're ready for some of our toughest challenges. Zatanna in the Watchtower will fill you in." — Oracle

Upon completion, Rising to the Challenge would automatically be started, along with Two of Us..., No Laughing Matter, Logic Loses, Kahndaq, and the hard version of Area 51.


  • Zatanna is in the Hall of Heroes at the southeast corner of the Watchtower, in front of the statues of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.
  • When talked to, Zatanna would direct the player to their On Duty Menu. The mission could then be completed.
  • This mission is not a requirement for challenges from the main wing.


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