The Energy Battery Gloves is a Hands armour piece associated with the intergalactic villain Krona. The gloves were originally developed by Krona as a predecessor to the Lantern Power Ring, upon voice activation the gloves are powered by a connected Energy Battery Backpack which taps into the emotional spectrum and channels the spectrum's power into the gloves to be used by the wielder.

It's association with an iconic DC character and its rarity classifies it as an Iconic Equipment item.


The Energy Battery Gloves is only available as an Epic loot drop from Krona in the Oan Sciencells Alert.


  • The Energy Battery Gloves are one half of the Gauntlet of Power; a gauntlet developed by Krona that harnessed the emotional spectrum to use as a weapon. The gauntlet would later serve as the prototype for the Lantern Power Rings.
    The other half of the Gauntlet of Power is the Energy Battery Backpack.


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