Evil Star is a galactic immortal who uses a weapon called the Starband to draw the energy of the stars to prolong his lifespan.
The Starbrand also enables him to fly, survive in space, create force blasts and hard light constructs, and create miniature versions of himself called Starlings.

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Evil Star was a scientist from the planet Auron who dedicated himself to prolonging the lives of his people by drawing power from the stars. However, while he successfully invents the Starband, which makes him immortal when worn, the power of the device twists his mind toward evil and prematurely ages his fellow Aurans.
The people of Auron wanted him to destroy the Starband, but having tasted immortality he refused to give it up. The ensuing battle left all of Auron lifeless except for the scientist, now known as Evil Star.

Venturing from his planet, Evil Star sought new worlds to conquer and comes into frequent conflict with the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps.

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  • He is a boss in the Oan Sciencells alert.

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  • Evil Star first appeared in Green Lantern vol. 2, #37 (June, 1965)
  • If Evil Star is kept away from starlight for a prolonged period, his powers fade away.
  • Since starlight is the same as sunlight, the Starband's force blasts and constructs serve only to increase Superman's powers and that of other Kryptonians.
  • In spite of his numerous crimes, Hal Jordan believes that Evil Star (or more accurately, the scientist that once sought to aid his people) is not beyond redemption and thusly protected the villain from the Spectre when the Spirit of Vengeance tried to enact his vengeance upon him.

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