Fry Brother Eye's drones as they target likely subjects for the OMAC virus in Gotham's Otisburg neighborhood.


  • Find Brother Eye Drone Incursion Zone
"This is Batman. The OMAC virus is a deadly threat. But there is more. The virus was unleashed by my own creation: the Brother MK I satellite. Now rogue, it calls itself Brother Eye. I believed it to be deactivated and destroyed. I must find why and how it has sprung to life. For now, I need you to destroy its spy drones and help any citizens it may be targeting." — Batman
"This is Lex Luthor, and we have an opportunity. The OMAC virus is a deadly threat that must be met with equal force. But the mind deploying the OMACs is a valuable resource. It's called "Brother Eye," and it's a downed satellite created by Batman to store data on superhuman threats. Information like that I can use. For now, take out the drones and steal their memory cores. Let's see what we can find." — Lex Luthor
  • Blind Drones attacking citizens in the area (0/20)
  • Assist Citizens hurt by the Drones (0/20) (heroes)
  • Retrieve Memory Cores from disabled Drones (0/20) (villains)
"Calculator will review those memory cores to see if we can retrieve anything valuable. But this is just scratching the surface of the information we may find." — Lex Luthor
"These Brother Eye memory cores are encrypted in a Batman-level code. It's like decoding a giant-size Batman computer mind. Now there's a scary thought." — Calculator

Freelance MissionsEdit

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