Falcone's Finest is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across the Burnley district of the city of Gotham, near quest objectives for the story arc "_". There are 6 parts that comprise this set.

Synopsis Edit

The GCPD keeps extensive files on Falcone's chief lieutenants. Recovering those files would raise eyebrows with a number of interested parties.

Collectibles Edit

Title Description Image Map
"Knuckles" Farrelli GCPD File: "Knuckles" Farrelli - Wanted on muliple accounts of assault and battery.
"Matches" Malone GCPD File: "the Match" Malone - Six counts of arson, three convictions and one count of insurance fraud.
"Carbomb" Carmine GCPD File: "Carbomb" Carmine - Freelance operative hired out to numerous overseas operations, trained in Europe. Falcone's-Finest-3 Falcone's-Finest-3-Map
"Aggro" Antonio GCPD File: "Aggro" Antonio - Former Football player for the Gotham Knights, wanted in connection with four bank robberies. Falcone's-Finest-4 Falcone's-Finest-4-Map
Elliot "the Eel" Spencer GCPD File: Elliot "the Eel" Spencer - Expert in hand-to-hand combat, trained overseas and wanted for questioning in three homicides.

"Viper" Vin Santo

GCPD File: "Viper" Vin Santo - Rumored high-level assassin for the Falcone mob, no convictions, no arrests.


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Oracle or Calculator, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Oracle Subject: One for the Good Guys
"Thanks for gathering criminal files down in Burnley. Who still uses hard copy these days? I know someone who will be very happy to have his hands on these."
Attachment: Gangster's Reinforced Gloves


Mail icon From: Calculator Subject: On the Open Market
"Nice work gathering these criminal files from Burnley. I've got a number of clients already lined up to make use of these wrap-sheets. Keep it up."
Attachment: Gangster's Reinforced Gloves


Icon Hands 006 Green

This collection rewards the player with the Gangster's Reinforced Gloves hand item (style: Biker).



  • Matches Malone and his brother Carver were a pair of small-time criminals who had resorted to a life of crime after they were orphaned. Their specialty was insurance fraud and arson, but they never crossed the line into violence. Looking to expand their trade, the brothers made a move to Gotham City where they ran afoul of the Batman. Attracting the vigilante's attention when Carver was murdered, although Malone was the prime suspect, there was no concrete evidence to make the charges stick and Matches was released. Undeterred, the Batman watched Matches' every move until he apparently committed suicide by torching himself with gasoline. However, Batman, who had been attempting to establish a criminal alias for himself to help gather information, opted to not report the death and instead adopted Matches' identity to use as an alias within the criminal underworld.

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