Falling STARs is a level 17 villain mission started upon talking to General Grosha for Call of the Wild.

Recover Grodd's technology from STAR Labs.


"This is Lex Luthor. Gorilla Grodd is a member of good standing in the Society, which is why I'm humoring him in this endeavor. His plan to devolve humanity is absurd, of course, but we can still turn the situation to our advantage. After you recover Grodd's tech, destroy STAR Labs' containment devices. Show them that Metropolis is really more of a... LexCorp kind of town." — Lex Luthor
  • Get to the crash site at Centennial Park
  • Overload STAR Containment Units to Regain Grodd's Technology (0/10)
  • Neutralize STAR Labs Forces (0/20)
"Grodd's goal is to reclaim the planet for the apes for devolving them all to a primal state. *I* was going to reclaim it for the couch potatoes, but I just never got around to making the device." — Calculator


Overloading the devices briefly transforms the player into a gorilla and they would not be able to attack. By summoning a pet like a Watcher or a Suppressor Turret, they would take the transformation instead.

Freelance missionsEdit

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