Sabotage the protective wards the Sentinels of Magic have placed in Chinatown.


"This area was built over power occult magics, which can tip towards good... or evil. Doctor Fate has created a purifying ward in the hopes of trapping the demon lord Trigon in his dimension. His Sentinels of Magic think their pitiful enchantments can stop us. Show them they are sadly mistaken." — Circe
"So long as you're on the job, there are suckers -- ah, people all over the city who might reward you a little extra for a job well done. Let me show you one now. Take everything you can get, right?" — The Calculator
"The Sentinels of Magic are a sort of good witch brigade led by Doctor Fate. Give 'em an extra kick for me, will ya?" — The Calculator

Upon completion, Rare Blood is started.



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