Enter the Portal to Kahndaq in the Archeology building.


"The plot thickens. Faust thinks to bring Black Adam's wife, Isis, back to life... Isis, a kind, beautiful, and powerful goddess. Unthinkable! Black Adam is far too valuable a weapon to rejoin the forces of light. Quickly, use their portal within Gotham University and disrupt their ritual in Kahndaq!" — Circe
"Faust is channeling the power of his stolen souls through a portal to Kahndaq in the middle of the campus, at the Archeology building. Find the portal so we can stop this ritual before it is too late." — Wonder Woman
  • Find Archeology Building
"Oho, so Faust is being "clever." His magic prevents all but his Soulless from passing through this portal. Easily remedied. We merely need to drain your soul. Head to the University Warehouse, it has what we need to begin." — Circe

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