Take out Scarecrow in his sewer lair, and rescue Batwoman from her nightmares.


"I've tracked Scarecrow's lair to the sewers beneath the east end. Batwoman has gone in - and she's out of comm contact. Not any good. Get in there and end Scarecrow's reign of terror." — Batman


  • Help Batwoman defeat and arrest Scarecrow.
  • Neutralize leaking fear gas barrels x3
  • Transport leaking fear gas barrels x3


As you make your way through the sewers, you will get stunned and the Scarecrow will taunt you. However, don't move too fast at the beginning as when you get stunned some hallucination will spawn.

Continue down the sewer and attack the first group of hallucinations. Only the ones with a gun is real.

Then make your way to a large room but don't get too close. You need to carefully pull the henchmen to you. There are a lot of henchmen in this room. The henchmen will stun you and if you pull too many you'll get knocked-out.

After you have taken them out you can begin taking the gas barrels. Take each barrel from the room to the sewer ladder you need to press E. Then make your way back and a group of mobs will need to be taken out. This happens each barrels.

After the barrels when you enter the room you will face off against 2 mini-bosses Edward and Eddie. Simple take them out with your range attack.

Then continue into the next room. This is where you will have a multi-phase Scarecrow fight.

It starts with the cut-scene. Then you attack by 4 Scarecrow's. After this you will face one of the following 4:

This is random-

  • Herpetophobia the fear of reptiles
You face off against a group of Killer Crocs. When you knock them down press E or they get back up.
  • Astraphobia the fear of thunder and lighting
You battle Scarecrow while dodging lighting.
  • Protophobia the fear of betrayal
You battle against members of the Bat Family
  • Ballistophobia the fear of bullets
The Scarecrow shoots at you as you fight.

After each one of the above you will face a group of Terror Bats

When you have finished the last phobia and bats you will face Scarecrow himself and a group of henchmen. Focus on the Scarecrow first. If you are knocked out before you take him out you'll have to do the whole Scarecrow fight again.

There is also a treasure box in the back of the room.


Random mob dropped: Magnus Robotics Prototype Helmet

Edward and Eddie: Boots of Nightmare

Scarecrow: Fear Gas Diffison Tank

38 cash

Upon completion you will receive the feat - Fear - It's a Gas



All the fears except Protophobia are really fears.

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