Green lantern battery

A green lantern battery.

WerLeo charging Yellow Lantern - MAIN - kópia

A villan player charging a yellow lantern battery.

Fear vs. Will is a level 12 PvP mission in Metropolis, to join and win Fear vs. Will of the Ring War event. The War Coordinator would recruit heroes (for green lanterns) or villains (for Sinestro Corps).


  • Join and win the battle of Will versus Fear near LexCorp Tower in Metropolis
  • Defeat five new Heroes or Villains, who must not rank more than five levels below you


  • You can only do this when Ring War event has started. When Ring War starts, title is displayed on the screen. You can teleport to Ring war using personal teleporter, or just simply going there!
  • The player must pick up ten green (for heroes) or yellow (for villains) lantern batteries and take them back to the Alpha Lantern (heroes) or Manhunter (villains). Just dropping them off won't count - the player must charge them. Players may also interact with lanterns of the opposing team to destroy them, but this is generally not worth the effort.
  • The Alpha Lantern/Manhunter would awaken once 10 batteries are gathered around them and charged. They would then go over and destroy their counterpart. After that, it is a free-for-all PvP battle.
  • There is currently a glitch that causes the objective of defeating new villains to duplicate. However, defeating one villain apparently counts for all of them.


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