The Female Furies, or the Female Furie Battalion, is an elite combat group of female warriors from Apokolips.

Trained to serve Darkseid's will under the oversight of Granny Goodness, battalion members are personally selected by Goodness from various divisions of the planet's military, or abducted from other planets and brainwashed to serve Darkseid.

Once trainees graduate from basic training/processing, they are afforded some measure of autonomy in contrast to Apokolips' other military divisions which seek to eradicate independent willpower in their soldiers. Fierce competition drives these women to succeed within the battalion and as such a majority of the members tend to back-stab, betray and scheme against other members to further their own reputations. As a result, infighting within the battalion is commonplace and encouraged by Granny Goodness who sees the petty rivalries as a form of "survival of the fittest" at work.


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  • The Female Furies first appeared in Mister Miracle #6 (1972).


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