Ferris Aircraft is an aviation corporation located within Coast City.

At the forefront of aviation technology for decades, Ferris Aircraft specializes in advanced aviation concepts. The facility employs hundreds of people in the Coast City area and was founded by Carl Ferris. Ferris' daughter, Carol Ferris, is the current CEO of the business.


In the facility's early years, faced with the alcoholism and irresponsibility of his partner Carl Bloch, co-founder Carl Ferris was forced to remove his friend from the company in its early days. Years later, after Ferris had left most of the day-to-day maintenance of the company to his daughter, Carol Ferris, the company skirted dangerously close to bankruptcy. In years to come, Ferris would be plagued by saboteurs and the cancellation of its government contracts, a devastating attack by the Demolition Team and a hostile take-over, among many other setbacks. It was also one of the funding powers behind the Conglomerate. In recent times, Carol Ferris has regained control of the company and Ferris Aircraft's recent achievements include their contribution to the new Blackhawk squadron and the launch of FerrisAir, a commercial airline service.

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  • As the development site for a prototype "Emotion Dampener" created by S.T.A.R. Labs, Ferris Aircraft became the target of an attack by Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps who sought to destroy the dampener so that their rage would continue to grow rampant. Two heroes are sent in to quell the uprising and eject Atrocitus from the facility.





  • Ferris Aircraft first appeared in Showcase #22 (September-October 1959)
  • Ferris Aircraft has been a long time employer of test pilot Hal Jordan and, before him, his father; Martin Jordan.
  • During the time of U.N. funded Justice League International, Maxwell Lord's ex-wife, Claire Montgomery, created the corporate sponsored team, The Conglomerate, as competition for the Justice League team. Companies that provided sponsorship to the team included American Steel, Dante Foods, Dupree Chemical, Ferris Aircraft, LexCorp, Ovel Oil, Pax Entertainment, Stagg Enterprises and S.T.A.R. Labs. The team has since dissolved.


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