Fish Food is a level 25 mission started upon completion of Something's Fishy...

Defeat Atlanteans turning humans into spellbound thralls.


"Welcome, warrior. We will need your skills in this fight. The Atlanteans are invading and turning innocents into water-breathing slaves. We must find Aquaman and end this unjustified attack. Until then, act with force! Push them back, and free the enslaved humans!" — Wonder Woman
"The Atlanteans are an ancient magical civilization, and they've always sneered at us "dry-landers."[sic] But they've never invaded before." — Oracle



This mission is very similar to Bestiamorph Havoc and possibly The Search for Wonder Girl. Both involves defeating an alien race, who convert humans which must be defeated to restore to normal, and even identical floating crystals. Both missions are also directed by Wonder Woman.

Tiger Sharks are notable for being extremely similar to Bestiamorph Berserkers, having very weak normal attacks and a strong charge attack, as well as being able to ground players when its peers cannot.

Despite what Wonder Woman and Oracle said might imply, Aquaman could still be found in the Magic Wing of the Watchtower during these missions, and the conversation is no different.


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