The Forum of the 12 Caesars is a stone mausoleum located in Robinson Park. Beneath and around the structure are tombs dedicated to Gotham's Finest; including police, firemen and members of the Wayne family. The structure is noted for featuring the likeness of twelve roman caesars constructed around its borders.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Smashing yellow gem

The effect of smashing a gem.

Gem residue effect

A player being damaged by the gem's residue effect.

Brother Blood has unleashed the demons of Rage upon the mausoleum; the demons and affiliated villains desecrating the tombs and statues to build corrupted energy for Trigon's resurrection as Gotham's police, fire squad, Sentinels of Magic and new heroes attempt to stop them.

The yellow gems in the area could be picked up and thrown. When smashed, they deal 83 damage 13 times, then 16 damage 9 times, and this is affected by block. If they throw it, then go into the area, the damage becomes 40 and 8.






  • First appeared in Batman #263 (May 1975).
  • The statues of Nero and Caligula secretly hide the means to access one of Batman’s auxiliary Batcaves underneath the Robinson Park Reservoir.

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