The GCPD 12th Precinct, also known as the Diamond District Police Station, is a safehouse for new heroes located in the north side of Otisburg, directly east of the Pillars of Hades.

Located in a medium level area, players who wish to access moderate leveled quests and equipment must make their way here. As the main police station in Gotham it also features a research and development area with vendors and R&D station.

From the Watchtower this location can be reached by using the Central Hub's Southwest teleporter labeled Gotham City.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Heroes talk to Shazam to begin the Final Exams mission.


GCPD12thPrecinctMapLocEast End GCPD

Locations and InhabitantsEdit

Main Area & Side Halls

Vendors Area

Mail Room


Containment Facility





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Exploration GCPD 12th

This is the location for the feat

  • To discourage predator PvPing, each Safe House possesses two NPCs that performs massive knock backs to players that are of the opposing alignment (e.g. a Hero character will be knocked away from the entrance of the Club 539, as will a Villain character be knocked away from the entrance of the GCPD 12th Precinct). The NPC guards for the 12th Precinct are SCU Sentry Pope and SCU Sentry Mandia.
  • Of note, this is not the 12th Precinct required for the exploration feat. If you are looking for the "12th Precinct" for the Gotham City exploration feat, you will want to go to the Knightsdome and head east about two blocks away from the Knightsdome Arena. The words "GCPD 12th Precinct" will illuminate on your screen when you enter the area.